My Brain is in Hyperdrive

By Elizabeth Bandera


Wondering what the picture above is all about? Well, my friends, this is what my head feels like right now…a million different things to remember for my 3 exams this week flying around my brain along with other random things.

It has been a bit overwhelming having all my classes give tests in such a short period of time, but I keep telling myself “After this week you’ll be golden and life will be wonderful and full of sleep again.” That’s what keeps me up at our lovely Fondren library late into the night. That, and friendly study groups I’ve formed with other students from my classes (coffee doesn’t hurt either).

That’s what I love about SMU…in every class I’ve been a part of, someone else, without fail, in that class is willing to get together, work out problems, and go to office hours with you. Everyone needs help once in a while!

So, I’m going to get through all of my wonderful examinations and get back to you with an update on how everything went. Until next time, pony up!

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