This… Right Here… Is My… Blog!


By Nick Cains

This.. right here… is my… blog. (Blog)

All, these people, can read it. (Yes?)

Every…body… pay… attention.

This, right here. Is my. Pretty good blog! (Yay)

Teeheee =D

Ok, so today let’s adress a fun little topic I like to call “What to do when things go wrong”.

We spend a ton of time just talking about the millions of accomplishments we’ve had and what we’re excited about next (which is all good and true), but I guess I’ll change pace and hit you with other things you might have to deal with too.

When to give yourself a break?

It’s always good to take a break from studying if you’re powerhousing through chapter after chapter of an especially strenuous subject. Give yourself time in your day though to just sit and do nothing. Take an actual break. Go outside and just plug ibn your ipod and visit your good friend Jack Johnson or John Mayer. You are allowed the freedom to take your breaks to recharge when you can.

Also, give yourself a break when things get bad.

You worked your hardest on this project and still didn’t get the grade you wanted. You made a presentation and the entire class seemed to ridicule you and the teacher seemed unimpressed. But you TRIED.

Remember that you did try. If you did your best on something, and you know you did, why psyc yourself out by discrediting yourself when other people critique it. If you didn’t do your best, know that you can really show your potential next time. If you did do the best you possibly could have, give yoruself some credit and keep pushing on. You are great- and sometimes, you’re the only one who’ll be able to say that.

Have a wonderful day.

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