Holla at the Hilltop!

Lauren Cook

Here’s a little rap/rhyme I decided I needed to make. This will give you a chance to get to know all of us Hilltop Ambassadors here at SMU!

Check it. Here it goes.
We here on the hilltop
are kickin it with the admissions op.

We hang with high schoolers, their parents, and kid brothers,
and provide advice about SMU and what ground to cover.

We love our jobs and could socialize the day away,
singing Peruna’s praises or The Varsity for days.

If you want the scoop on G.W. Bush or information galore,
make sure to visit John Angle on Blanton’s 2nd floor.

If you want to get your rhythm on or just learn something about science,
ask Elizabeth Bandera and she’ll give you your band and chemistry license.

Now, what to say about Nick Cains. It’s really hard to tell.
If you hear a loud voice on campus, you will know it’s him very well!

Lauren Cook, well, she’s okay I guess.
She will talk about being from Florida and how it really is the best.

Liz Dominguez is a girl from Dallas,
she engineers her way through school and makes other RA’s look like fools.

Now Elizabeth Eliot is a girl you want to meet,
she will tell you all about the History Channel and her love of tea.

If you’re looking for the latest gossip or news on Lady Gaga,
make sure to find Derek Hubbard and he will also dish on Keisha’s “Blah Blah.”

If you’re looking to be involved and make decisions in Student Senate,
run your ideas by Marlee Klein and she’ll tell you if you have a chance to win it.

Don’t forget Greg Nelson, the Ohio and business extroidanaire,
he will tell you all about giving short tours and how to play fair.

Natalie Sharp is at the top of the chain,
she’s a senior, a fashion club member, and never plain.

Cam Smith, on the other hand, is quite a tease.
He’s a twin from Colorado and a Cox Business student who never gets below a B.

Last, but not least, is Courtney “Head Ambassador” Steele.
She hangs with the football players and gets really good meals.
She also knows A to Z about what Hilltop Ambassadors do,
so make sure to email her at csteele@smu.edu!

Peace. I’m out!

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