Decisions, Decisions…

By Elizabeth Eliot

So last week I was talking about how the school year was really starting to get going with homework and everything… Well, if I thought I had a lot to do last week, this week is INSANE. So with all this crazy work to be done, how have I been spending my nights? By PROCRASTINATING, of course!

Yes, yes, I know that it is important to do my homework and study for my tests, and I WILL get it all done eventually… But it’s so hard to focus on all of that when there are so many other fun things to do around here. To illustrate, I will provide a basic overview of my daily schedule:

1) Wake up and stumble out of bed (typically my least favorite part of the day)

2) Head over to Dedman (our gym) for my Self-Defense Class–yes, I am taking self-defense for course credit. Not only is it a great, endorphin-infused way to start my day, but it’s also super fun and practical!

3) Change into my bathing suit and swim at the indoor pool at Dedman for a little while… I’m an exercise junkie, what can I say?

4) Pass the huge climbing wall on my way out of the gym–I will climb it someday!

5) Get all cleaned up after class and head to the Varsity for some lunch with friends–either Pizza Hut, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, or sushi… can’t complain with that. I love eating at the varsity because literally EVERYONE is either there or in our main dining hall during peak lunch hours, so it’s a great chance to see all the people who aren’t in my classes this semester.

6) Go to class, work hard.

7) Go to the Einstein’s in the business school to grab coffee and “study.” Actually I’ll probably just talk to MORE people that I know (Einstein’s is another popular meeting place on campus) or have a quick chat with one of my business professors–they need their coffee, too!

8) Head over to the student center to meet with my Bible Study group– We’ll talk about theological issues, but mostly we just like to use this time to catch up and chat.

9) Walk home and debate between getting an early start on my homework or going to dinner and a movie with friends in Mockingbird Station… Obviously I choose to do the latter. It’s so convenient that I might as well!

10) Get home, it’s approximately 9:45 PM, head to the library–open 24 hours, thank goodness!–Do my homework… Necessary, but unfortunate.

11) Go to bed and start all over!

Thus, it’s pretty easy to see why I have such a hard time getting started on my homework. I guess it’s both a blessing and a curse having so much to do around campus–I’m never bored here, but at the same time, everything I CAN do is so much more appealing than the work that I HAVE to do…

Ah, the exceedingly difficult life of an SMU student. (Heavy Sarcasm)

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