Hittin’ The Books


I have a confession to make: I am terrible at studying.

There it is, I said it. I’m not afraid to admit it!

However, there is a catch: I am terrible at studying given the chance of there being any distraction or alternate option to cracking the books open. For those who know me, I enjoy talking and talking a lot. I like being active and constant stimulation is a theme in my life. There are rare times when I am not talking, laughing, or blasting music, or again talking. Because of this, I have found that in order to be a productive studier I need to remove the distractions. Luckily for me, SMU is a large and spacious campus that allows me to find places where I can study in quiet and get some work done.

SMU has seven libraries on campus (wow!!) so this allows students to have plenty of places to hang out with your textbooks. These seven libraries are placed across campus, so it is always easy to find one that suits your preferences or location. Personal favorites of mine are Bidwell Library which hosts our religious studies texts and the Law library. I enjoy these two because I know that I will be able to find a place without distraction. The most popular library on campus is Fondren Library. This one is open 24/7 which adds to its appeal. When in comes to pulling an all-nighter, this is the place to go. Fortunately, I have only had to do this once during my time at SMU (and it was during finals). Another great resource offered is the Atshuler Learning Enhancement Center, often known as the ALEC. This is a center purely for SMU students that offers free tutoring and academic training sessions (Fo FREE!). The center is there to help students out with any problems they may be having in their classes including Calculus, Biology, Economics, or Accounting. Whatever it is your major, there will be someone here who can help you out.

Thanks to plentiful and great learning resources SMU has, studying (even for someone like me) is not that bad after all!

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