Hello Lubbock, Hello Sunburn

By Elizabeth Bandera

One word comes to mind when I think of Lubbock: HOT

Why was I in lovely Lubbock this past weekend? For the SMU vs. Texas Tech football game, of course. The Mustang Marching Band left Dallas on a wonderful, cool Sunday morning at 5:00am (man, the things we do for our football team) to travel all the way out to scorching, blazing hot Lubbock for the 2:30pm football game, which was broadcasted on ESPN.

The 6+ hour bus ride was not completely unbearable…I was one of the lucky few who somehow managed to snag two seats to myself , giving me ample room to spread out and sleep rather than doing that awkward falling-asleep-while-sitting-up-and-having-my-head-loll-back-and-forth-uncomfortably thing (you know what I’m talking about). The rest of the bus ride was spent playing various games, like having the different classes (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.) get together and act out scenes from famous movies while the other classes try to guess. My favorite movie scene performed that day was when one boy, wearing a towel over his head and pointing with his index finger, was carried down the isle by another guy who sang the ET soundtrack. Wonderful.

Finally, we arrived in Lubbock. How did we know? We looked out our bus window into a massive sea of people dressed in red (since the Texas Tech mascot is the Red Raider). Now, we did meet many a Tech fan who was sincerely nice and welcomed us with a smile, but the general idea one associates with Tech fans is intense and occasionally over-the-top. Luckily, we had our own police escort for the band who was there if need be, but thankfully nothing escalated to that level. Yay!

(Above: The Mustang Band performs their halftime show at the SMU vs. Tech game)

I want you to understand one thing before I continue – our band uniform consists of a LONG sleeved, button-down shirt, tie, BLACK shoes, SLACKS, and a heavy JACKET. Now, add this uniform to the already blistering hot Lubbock weather and what happens?

Band Uniform + Halftime Show + Lubbock Heat = Death

(Not really death, but I think I sweated off at least 10 lbs.)

Despite the heat, we did not lose one Mustang Band member on the field that day. Whew. Our halftime show was superbly loud (louder than the Tech band some have told me), went over without a hitch and was a fun first-game experience for all of our band first-years.

(Above: Cooper Brown, a junior at SMU and fellow band-mate, cheers on our SMU football team)

SMU did an incredible job keeping up with the Tech football team. Though the final score was 27-35 and Tech won, SMU did very well in holding their own throughout the game. I’m looking forward to a competitive and exciting football season this fall.


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