We are already into week two of the school and I can EASILY say that I’m already feeling the stress! My schedule this semester is pretty packed – I’m taking 17 hours and I’m involved in A LOT of things on campus. I’m particularly excited about one class I’m taking…SPINNING!!!

At SMU, students are required to take two Wellness courses before they graduate. The first class is usually taken the semester and focuss on emotional and spiritual stability. The second course, however, is a bit different. Students have the option of taking a variety of courses that range from power walking to scuba diving. There’s a HUGE list. I wanted to do something that would challenge me and I wanted something a little different.

SOOOO, I’ve never taken a spinning class before and I was a bit…shall we say…TERRIFIED on my first day. The class was full – all girls and ONE guy. I thought that was a funny. But anyway, the class is grade A amazing!!! I sweat like crazy and I think I drink about half a gallon of water during the class alone. I am so happy I’m in it and I tell everyone about it. I am a mechanical engineering major but I can honestly say that I am more excited about this class than I am about some of my other engineering classes. Here’s hoping I get some good results out of it! I’ll be sure to check back in periodically throughout the semester with updates!

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