Do Work


I remember way back when I first came to SMU. That was two years ago (I can’t believe I am a junior) and I was just a freshmen trying to get his feet wet at a new school and a new state. I remember the first piece of advice my teachers and mentors would say: “You have to be able to manage your time!” Oddly enough, they were right! and I am beginning to see (especially this year) how important it is to keep organized and know your time constraints.
It is only the second week of school and my planner is already starting to look like a children’s coloring book. With dates circled, highlights, colored markers, and sticky notes, I am realizing that this year is going to bring both lots of fun and lots of studying.

This is sort of an abbreviated version of things I have planned for the semester:
– Accounting Major with an Economics minor taking 18 hours (eeeeK!!)
– Part time intern with small financial firm in Dallas
– Business Associates Program
– Vice President of my Fraternity
– FYSH Leader (Bible study catered for first year students at SMU)
– Awakening Leader (Christian retreat open to all SMU students)
– Intramurals
– and being a Hilltop Ambassador, giving tours, and writing these poetic blogs :)

This is a general outline of my commitments and plans for the semester. Needless to say, my schedule is starting to scare me. However, I am gong to rely on my trusty “time management” skills to pull through. A big adjustment in going to college is the fact that you spend considerably less time IN the classroom. A standard load is 15 hrs a week (which comes out to only 3 hrs a day.) However, your professors expect you to put in sincere effort outside of class time in preparing for the class. It is suggested that for every hour you are in class you should study for 2-3 hours outside!! This seems like a lot, but if you manage your time wisely you will find it is manageable. I have found that if I stay organized and have a plan for what I will be doing throughout the day I am less stressed. The most important thing is to stay busy and be consistent with your work ethic. Staying on top of your studies will help in avoiding spending late nights or all nighters in the library. I saw a quote this week that said this: “I never worry about action, but only inaction.” This quote is from Winston Churchill, and I think it is a good motive to work by. In college you are given the freedom to do as you please and put in work where you choose. But by staying busy and with continues effort, you will find that no matter how busy you think you are, you will be ok.
Now let’s get ready for a great semester, keep things positive, and DO WORK.

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