Dining on Campus

By Natalie Sharp

“Who says you’ll miss Mom or Dad’s cooking?” This is a quote from the SMU dining website and I am here to tell you that it is very true! The dining options at SMU are what seem to be endless. There is one main cafeteria, which is the largest, on campus which is located in Umphrey Lee and is called RFoC (short for Real Food on Campus). This cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In RFoC, students are able to find different stations with food items including pizza, pasta, grill, home zone, omelet, street food, spa cuisine and dessert. New to RFoC as of a few weeks ago are flavored pizza crusts, expanded gluten free options, new menu items including: sushi, lettuce wraps and edemame. Yes, that is right; you just read “sushi.” As a sushi fanatic, I was a bit skeptical as to how good the sushi would really be. To my surprise, I would be willing to go back for seconds! Below you can find a picture of the sushi I had for lunch last week in this very cafeteria. In the picture are California rolls and spicy tuna rolls. YUM! Speaking of RFoC, I am off to eat lunch there now! If you are ever visiting our campus, make sure to stop by the cafeteria and grab a bite to eat. This is a great way to get the college dining experience and also the cafeteria is a wonderful place to people watch!


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