SMU – Part II


Hi! My name is John Angle, and I am a sophomore here at SMU from Nashville, Tennessee studying Finance and History with a minor in Spanish. I just finished an awesome summer with some really fun, memorable experiences. First, I flew down to San Antonio with some of my friends and we “floated the river” in a town north of San Antonio called New Braunfels. For us non-Texans, river floating is a fairly alien concept, but I had such a blast doing it. In June – after only a week and a half at home in Tennessee – I came back to the Hilltop for a month. I took an accounting class at 8 am…. and let me tell you, there aren’t many classes harder to wake up for than that one! The class went well, and I really loved my professor. Every day after I took my accounting class I would give a campus tour and work in the admissions office. Touring is really one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve done. I loved talking to people from all over the country, hearing their stories and interests, and sharing my love of SMU with them. There were some really hot days and some unusual questions, but touring was wonderful.
At the end of June my best friend and I embarked on a road trip from SMU. We drove from Dallas back to Nashville, he spent a couple of days with my family, and then flew off to Chicago. The timing worked out perfectly because then he was with me for my birthday – July 3rd. As unpatriotic as it may seem, on July 4th my mom, dad, and I took off to Canada to start a two week trip to Ireland and Normandy. We really got some great bonding time because we were “de-wired” (we had to give up our precious Blackberries and laptops!) and we were with each other 24/7 for two weeks. We were lucky enough to be in Dublin during the World Cup final, and you can’t imagine how crazy it went when Spain won! The streets really came alive and it was quite a culture shock for us to see the mass celebration. Other cool experiences we had were a cooking class in Normandy, seeing the Bayeux Tapestry, exploring Omaha Beach and the American Military Cemetary, and horseback riding and golfing on the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. I had just a few weeks at home before I headed southwest once again to Dallas, and came back a week early to serve as an orientation leader at Mustang Corral. So, all in all, my summer was amazing and I wish it could have been just a bit longer!

Looking forward to another great year at SMU,

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