We’re back and it feels so good!


Another school year has begun at SMU, and the campus is alive with the excitement of catching up with old friends, greeting all the new faces, getting settled, and starting class. The beginning of this semester feels extra special because it will give me an opportunity to reunite with friends that went abroad, as well as share my own abroad experiences.

One of the things that I love the most about SMU are the incredible resources available, including the Education Abroad Office. The abroad office is great because it connects students with study abroad opportunities all over the world, whether they run through the school or other programs. In addition to a wide variety of programs, SMU is very flexible about how long you want to be abroad. The globally-minded can go abroad for a whole year, one semester, or, if you can’t stand being away from the hilltop for that long, you elect to do one of the various summer programs, which is what I chose to do.

This summer I spent five glorious weeks in England with the SMU-in-Oxford program. This program was great because, not only did I get to run around the United Kingdom for five weeks while living at Oxford’s University College, but I was able to take one class with an SMU professor, and another with an Oxford professor, which was an incredible experience!

What made it really special was the fact that I got to do and see things through the program that I would never have been able to do otherwise. We went on a lot of insider tours at places like Blenheim Palace and St. Paul’s cathedral, and we did everything from visiting Stonehenge to spending three days in London with our classes!

However, what I think was probably the coolest part about studying abroad on an SMU program was the ability it gave me to interact with my professors outside of the classroom and really get to know them. Because our professors came with us, they were living at University College as well, so instead of seeing them only in class, we saw them all the time, which was a really unique opportunity.

The Tower of London!


Taking full advantage of tea-drinking!

Needless to say, it was a fantastic trip, but I’m definitely excited to be back on campus to share my experiences with all my friends. Not to mention the fact that football season will be tons of fun!

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