Back Again.


By Courtney Steele

Campus is bustling with hellos and hugs, excitement and fun, and first years sporting their Mustang Corral shirts – the first week of classes is officially underway!

It is wonderful to be back to the best home away from home someone could ask for! The weather is hot, well roasting actually, but the newness of the year has yet to wear off. Familiar faces passing on the boulevard, students from my Mustang Days groups walking around wide eyed starting their college journey and buzz around what should be (and will be) a great football season accurately describe the mood on campus. The perfectly plush green grass is right where I left it, FroYo is still more than plentiful and the fountains look more beautiful (and refreshing) than I remember!

I hope all y’all had a wonderful summer! Keep reading our blogs throughout the year, it’s a great way to learn about what’s going on around campus, find out some more about us and we provide you with a ton of great contacts to answer all of your questions! We’re all here to help you in your college search process and help you decide if SMU is the place for you! Email me if there’s anything I can answer for you or help with! Have a great weekend!

Pony Up!

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