First day of school! And yes–I still call my mother to tell her about it.


Hey everyone! I am back at SMU and ready to bring on junior year. I am really excited about it. I am convinced that sophomore and junior years are the best as far as being established and not having to worry about future plans. :) I really like my classes so far. They are smaller and more for my two majors, so I know most people and most professors in them.

Everyone said this past summer went by quickly, but I disagree. I got to do so many things! I studied abroad in London with SMU for 5 weeks (late May-early July) and it was a blast. I also went home to Florida for a month and worked and vacationed in Colorado for a week in July with my family. It was such a great summer :)

I am excited for this new first year class here at SMU. There are so many–there hasn’t been this big of a class for at least a decade. It’s insane! There are about 1330 I believe. It’s funny to walk across the quad near Dallas Hall and see the first year girls in their nice ‘first day of school’ outfits or the first year guys trying to meet upperclassmen. Part of me chuckles and the other part of me can empathize with the insecurities of such a new phase of life.

Until next time, here are 2 pictures from my awesome summer! They don’t do it justice, but it’s a sneak peek :)



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