A New Interest

By Natalie Sharp

During the month of July, I was enrolled in summer school here at SMU. I took a Psychology class that is not offered during the regular fall and spring school semesters. The class sounded really interesting and I was eager to take it. The class is titled Behavioral Action Drugs and coincidentally is taught by a professor that I had taken once before for Forensic Psychology during my junior year of college. I really enjoyed taking this professors classes. The summer school class was actually a night class because my professor had a full-time day job as assistant director for Dallas County Probation. Because of her day job, she was able to come to class each night with such interesting stories for her students and it really made the class much more intriguing! There was a practical part of the course where students were required to write a term paper; either a research paper on a specific topic OR to attend felony trials at Dallas’ Crowley Courthouse and write a paper based on our observations. I chose to attend the courthouse and observe the trials. I am so glad that I did this because the observations that I made while at the courthouse sparked a new interest within me. Perhaps this one summer school class has changed my entire career path!

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