Splish Splash I Was…Raising Money For Our Philanthropy

By Elizabeth Bandera

This past weekend was SO much fun! My sorority had its annual fundraiser for our philanthropy at the Dedman falls (our swanky SMU tanning pool). I was on morning crew so I had the pleasure of waking up at the crack of dawn to set up for our event. Surprisingly, waking up early wasn’t too painful because I was able to hang out with my lovely sisters while hanging posters and setting up the food/music tables.

(Left: My and my sister Kellie Spano who is also on the Mock Trial team with me! Right: Everyone is standing around the pool getting ready to watch the costume contest where teams strut through the tanning pool, showing off their outrageous outfits – as you can see I’m quite excited for it to begin!)

During our event, we had all sorts of competitions…a costume contest between all the teams participating, a swimming relay, a relay where each team dragged their coach (every team participating was assigned a girl from our sorority who was their coach) across the pool 4 times, and even a synchronized swimming routine contest, which was hysterical!

(Left: A team huddles up with their coaches to prepare for the daunting challenge ahead…synchronized swimming. Right: My and my sister Sarah Gilligan chilling by the pool!)

All in all, it was a very successful fundraiser for our philanthropy and a huge success with all of the students here at SMU! Can’t wait till this time next year…get excited!

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