Caruth Hall 2.0

By Greg Nelson

On Friday April 16, there will be a new addition to the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering. Caruth Hall will become the 2nd LEED certified building in the engineering quad. The classroom buildings in the engineering school are now the newest set of buildings on campus, the oldest one being 5 years old.

Even though I am not in the engineering school anymore, I am excited about this for a few reasons. First of all, during the construction there was a large area of campus that was blocked off by fencing. This lead to many detours and longer walks than desired. But now the fences are down, which makes it a lot easier to walk to different parts of campus. I am also excited because the whole engineering quad is done now and looks really great.

There are pictures and more information about the new Caruth Hall here, check it out!


About Nelson, Randall Gregory

I am from Cleveland, OH and in my third year at SMU. I am studying Finance and Economics and hope to work in sports after I graduate. At SMU, I currently work in the admissions office and serve as the President for our campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
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