A Billion Questions

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This past weekend was super busy with SMU's Mustang Days for admitted high school students. It started Thursday early evening and lasted till 1pm on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully students and their parents thought it was worth it.

The two families that I really connected with were from California and Tennessee. Both families had sons who were interested in business and getting involved in sports like football on campus.

I LOVE talking to parents. They are so funny! I can relate well to them and their situations, because my mom used to do the same thing when we visited colleges–ask a billion questions just enough to embarass their son or daughter. But I gave each parent the good and long answer–as much as I could remember about a particular topic. When I don't know an answer, I just refer them to a friend or acquaintance who does know the answer and provide their email.

My favorite part of Mustang Days was sitting in the grass on the quad with my Peruna Pal Group number 4. Go team! It was a good time to relax and ask the students questions about their time in Dallas and at SMU and what their thoughts, concerns, etc. were. Joe and Grace were my fellow group leaders and they were a blast to work with.

I didn't do Mustang Days when I looked at SMU (because of distance–since I'm from Florida), but I think it would have been a great experience for me.

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