Sleep? Who Needs That?

By Elizabeth Bandera

The weekend is that wonderful time that you get to set aside at the end of a busy week to relax and have some good ol’ quality me-time, right? Wrong. At least not this past weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I was crazy, uber busy this weekend, but I had a LOT of fun along the way.

It all started off with an event for prospective students that we have called Mustang Days, which is tons of fun! I got to work as a Peruna Pal, which essentially means I was the high school kids’ assigned buddy for the day. We played various get-to-know-you awkward games with the students, but, as a result, they became more comfortable with the whole experience, the SMU campus, and the general community here at SMU. We even went on a photo scavenger hunt, taking pictures in front of various SMU locations.

After work that day, I headed strait to Relay for Life, which was taking place on our SMU boulevard. Tons of tents and areas were set up for different SMU organizations and groups along with a central stage where people could speak about their experiences dealing with cancer (whether it was them or a family member) and put on musical performances in honor of those who have struggled with cancer. This event went all the way from 4:00pm to 4:00am, so by the end of it I was pretty tired, but I went to sleep happy!

The next morning I went to work at 8:00am for the end of Mustang Days to eat breakfast with the families who were visiting and just help the Undergraduate Admissions Office with anything they needed. I had one girl tell me that my summer tour that I gave her was the reason she decided to come to SMU, which made my ENTIRE day 1000x better! It’s stuff like that, that makes me so amazingly happy that I have the job that I do!

Saturday came to a close, but Sunday came with a whole new wind of events…
I woke up early Sunday morning to make two cakes for our SMU Mock Trial end of the year banquet and then headed off to a meeting for my sorority at 12:00pm.
At 2:00 we had our end of the year Mock Trial luncheon-thing, where we all had barbecue and hung out together with our coaches for the last time this year. We also had elections for the executive committee for next year and I was elected as President for SMU Mock Trial, which was extremely exciting!

Last but certainly not least, the organization SPARC, which I am President of, put on an Invisible Children’s event at 5:00pm in an auditorium here at SMU. Invisible Children is an incredible organization that uses film, creativity, and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war and restore Northern Uganda to peace and prosperity. The film that we watched was about how kids our age could get involved and help out the youth of Uganda in rebuilding their schools and raising funds for scholarships, especially for the women of Uganda out of which less that 1% go to college. It was a very successful event put on by our project coordinator, Erin Hoya.

That was the end to my weekend of insanity – nap time was inevitable.

Random, but this entire weekend I’ve been listening to a new soundtrack to the Broadway musical Assassins, which is funny, clever, and somewhat dark. I absolutely love musicals so it was fun to find a new one! This one in particular is all about different people in history who have assassinated or tried to assassinate presidents. I’d check it out if you like anything like Sweeney Todd or Into the Woods!

One more final deep breath before this blog is over…BREATHE…and let it all out. That is all of the stress leaving me after this weekend and it feels wonderful.

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