First Summer in the Big D!!

By Cameron Smith

Time flies, especially at SMU. It feels like just a couple of weeks ago I was just getting back from Christmas break. But here it is, April, and my teachers are starting to talk about Final Exams! Summer is right around the corner and students are scrambling to figure out what their plans are for the summer. Many students will go home for the summer to see their families, travel, or work a job. Some of my friends have plans of going to Europe to study abroad! Others still have not decided, and are waiting to hear back on the one internship offer. Luckily for me I have all my plans figured out!

This summer I will be interning with a company named RETC (Real Estate Tax Consulting). I will be living in Dallas over the summer with one of my good friends close to SMU’s campus. The company is based out of Plano which is just a short car ride up the highway. I am looking forward to this opportunity to work full time in a Business atmosphere. One of my good friends will also be working with me at the same offices. Though I will be busy working most of the summer, I am excited to spend the summer in the Big D. I have several other friends who will stay in the Dallas area working as well as those taking classes over the summer.

I have come to learn that being in Dallas is a fantastic place to be in terms of searching for jobs or internships. This spring I was able to interview with many different companies throughout the Dallas area. An encouraging fact is that none of these places was further than ten minutes from campus. SMU is ideally located five minutes from downtown and consequentially many companies do their recruiting for summer internships right on campus. Besides working an internship this summer, I plan on going home to Denver for awhile to visit family. Other tentative plans include going to see friends in Milwaukee and attend their big concert “Summer Fest” as well as a camping trip in Steamboat.

This semester has been a great one but I certainly have an action packed summer to look forward to!!

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