Awaken and sing it like you mean it!

By Nick Cains

I have to cut to the chase… SPRING AWAKENING WAS AMAZING!

The broadway play toured through Dallas for a week and I saw it three times- no joke- and I loved it.

In even bigger news, I was able to interview seven cast members and the music director for my developing concept “The Nick Cains Show”.

The cast was extra sweet to me and made the interviews fun. I was DYING with nervous energy for all kinds of reaons (They’re famous, I never did this before, the cupcakes I brought them were a hassle to make look good, I wanted them to like me, etc.) This just drove me up a wall and down a mountain. But, after I calmed myself down and actually walked through the doors to meet the cast, I was greeted by smiling faces. They ALL gave me a hug after the interview and even invited me to say bye to them at the stage door after. I miss them already.

One cast member is a friend of mine from a competition I went to LONG ago. I was able to grab coffee with her and catch up on life. The experience was surreal.

Look out for the first couple installments of The Nick Cains Show. This shall be a great time. I wish you all the best!

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