President Turner Interview

By Lauren cook

Last week I had to opportunity to interview President Turner for the Daily Campus, SMU’s school newspaper. I had the idea to write an article about “a typical day” in President Turner’s life. People liked it and requested that I do it.

So, there I was last Tuesday afternoon, sitting anxiously outside his office with the photographer. As we walked into his dark wood office with plush carpet, I pulled out a chair (hoping that was okay!) and started the interview. I found I was able to relax, ask all the questions I needed on my computer document, and maintain eye contact with him at the same time. It was great!

He filled me on on the fact that he has about nine meetings per day (if not more) and that he gets about 60-100 emails. He gets up around 6 a.m. with his wife and they eat cereal together. How cute?! He also told me his goals for SMU in the near future, some of which include getting the average SAT score for the incoming student to be at 1300.

He was such a nice guy. I have smiled at him before on campus and said “Hello,” but I never have really gotten to talk to him. He gave me great advice about my career path, after I told him I was doing a psychology and communications double major. He said, “I don’t care what you do..take an entry level accounting course. You will always need to know how to do a balance sheet.” Interesting advice! I won’t forget it, though.

I’m glad my article idea was picked. Although the Daily Campus left a few typos in my article, it was still such a neat opportunity sharing a snippet into the SMU president’s life! After all, he is very busy, and I got an appointment :)


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