Oh the Texas Bluebonnets

By Elizabeth Bandera

This past weekend we had Friday off from school…praise the lord and hallelujah because it was a much needed break. I also was able to drive back home to Austin to see my family and spend the Easter weekend with them.

Apparently my dad’s idea of a fun visit home is scheduling car dealership check-ups for 8:30am the morning after I drive home, but at least he has my safety in mind ha! Luckily for me, my sister and mom came with me to the dealership so we could all go out shopping and have lunch afterwards!

While I was home all of the wild flowers were in full bloom all along the sides of the roads throughout Austin…bluebonnets, indian paintbrush, and many more beautiful flowers. My family (mainly my parents) thought it would be nice to take some family photos in the bluebonnets while we were all together and dressed up for Easter.

When I told some of my friends at SMU that I had taken bluebonnet photos with my family this past weekend and they thought I was strange/crazy – apparently this is a tradition that is well-known to no one outside of the Austin area, making me look like some hippy-nature-enthusiast who likes to take photos amongst random roadside flowers.

Anywho, it is a slightly tedious process…for my family at least. We all love each other very much, but when it comes to family photo time on a steep hill, with cacti and bugs everywhere, in the hot Texas sun and my father taking what feels like an eternity to find the “perfect spot”…people get a little irritable. On several occasions I thought my mother was about to fall and start rolling down the hill, which would have been quite a site (as well as a lovely Kodak moment). We eventually took enough photos to where it was statistically probable that we would all like at least one of them. The most awkard part of this entire process was that we were standing on the side of a busy street, so drivers could see us pulled over in our awesome minivan taking family photos (we got a few honks, which I guess could be taken as compliments).
(Left: Me, my father and my sister. Right: Me, my mother [almost falling] and my sister)

All in all, it was a lovely weekend and I cannot wait until I get to visit home again!

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