Zero to Hero!

By Derek Hubbard

“Want to shout it from the mountain tops, A STAR IS BORN!” You may recognize that line from the popular Disney musical Hercules. Recently, an organization I am apart of participated in Sing Song. Sing Song is an SMU tradition where two separate organizations pair up with each other and prepare a 10 minute mini musical complete with song and dance.

This year, we had the task of taking on the genius that is Walt Disney, and my group had Hercules. We rehearsed, sang, and danced for about three months to perfect the performance. We ate, slept, and breathed Sing Song! Students could be seen all around campus rehearsing in between classes, on the Dallas Hall lawn, and even during class.

All the rehearsals, lack of sleep and intense performance anxiety culminates into a weekend that is like none other. There is a dress rehearsal where all the teams competing are able to see what everyone has been working on. Here, each team will vote on best costumes, backdrop, and choreography. It is a night that is extremely fun and gets everyone pumped to open the show the following night for the public.

Hitting the stage both during the dress rehearsal and opening night gives you so much joy and exhilaration! It is so fun performing for your parents, friends, and family. Though we did not place, we did win the award for Best Costumes! And yes, they were awesome! I have attached a photo from our performance. No matter if you participate in Sing Song or just go to watch, understand that it is a tradition that is exciting no matter how you slice it!

Until next time…Pony Up!


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