15ers! And Gorgeous Weather!

By Courtney Steele

Hey y’all! I hope all is going well! Dallas now sits in near 80 degree weather with plentiful amounts of sunshine! Campus is covered in a blanket of students studying on the lawn, playing frisbee and going for early morning/late evening runs to avoid the heat (and humidity).

We had our first Mustang Days program last week and it was wonderful! (Group 15, y’all were the best!!) Even though it was a little chilly, that didn’t stop any of us from having a great time! It was great for the high school seniors to learn more about SMU, and great for us to meet tons of the potential incoming class! My group did not win the trivia contest….. which made us very disappointed. Yet, we will for sure win the scavenger hunt and my new group of 15ers will redeem the team on April 9-10! (No, I didn’t mean for that to rhyme but it works!)

As the decision deadline is fast approaching we encourage all y’all to email us with any questions you might have or ask anything that can help us help you figure out if SMU is the place for you! (I’m in some sort of rhyming mood today, it must be the weather! Anyway, that should be our new tagline…. I’ll get on that!)

Have a great week y’all! Pony up!

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