“The Nick Cains Show” has legs!

By Nick Cains

I can’t wait to just scream this in the street.


Could I be more excited? No!
I’m so blessed and thankful to attend a school filled to the brim with SO many connections.
My dream was to have my own T.V. show. My dream was to be able to film myself interviewing big named people in the hopes of having a pretty nice reel by the time I left college. My dream is forming right before my eyes.

Kimberly Grigsby is a gradute of SMU and the music director of Spring Awakening. I attended the show with the dream of being able to interview a few cast members for the development of my own show. I told her my dream. She got a curious look in her eye, then said, “let’s go backstage”. She then introduced me to the company manager who encouraged me to send him an e-mail to hook up a time when this interview could go on. I did. He replied, after clearing it all with press, that I could come this Thursday. This is gonna be awesome. That’s really all I can say. This. Is. Awesome.

The problem: I have to be chill about it. Not just because it makes you feel like a loser when you’re giggling in front of people who are famous. Nope. Mostly because I have to stay humble and remember that, THIS MOMENT WON’T BE PERFECT. Let’s admit that to ourselves up front. I am not that experienced, so every shoot I do gets me a little farther, doing a little better, but I mess up. A lot. I make lots of mistakes that some people may not make, BUT I’M LEARNING and will continue to learn and grow til’ I pass away all old and gray.

Once I take the pressure off of being perfect, of making this 45 minute thing the end all of my life, I can relax, enjoy my time, and just remember to have fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway.

Advice: Dream something you wanna do even if it seems impossible. Then find every way possible you think you can get to do it. Then, do it. And if you’re me, remember that you had NOTHING to do with it =D

Nick Cains

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