Size Matters

By Cameron Smith

This week the campus has been buzzing about the upcoming student elections. Every Spring students campaign for different Senate seats, the most prized being Student Body President. This year’s race should turn out to be an interesting one. Voting started at midnight tonight on the SMU elections Web site. Voting will end tomorrow at noon and the newest members of Student Senate will be announced Thursday evening.

One might think that the importance of student elections may be menial. However, this is quite the opposite. At SMU, student senate is taken very seriously both by students and faculty alike. They are in charge of managing all of the finances for student organizations in terms of granting them money from the University. Student Senate serves as the representation of the student body. They have written legislation on many things including helping promote SMU sustainability as well as keeping “Peruna” as our official mascot. The student body has taken an active interest in who is running and who they wish to represent us in regards to the administration. Currently my roommate (I will refrain from mentioning his name) is running for Student Body President. I am hoping that he able to win the race and help SMU in as many ways as possible during his tenure as President.

SMU has an advantage in being a mid-sized University (about 6,200 undergraduate students) is that student’s voices are easily heard by the school. Our faculty student ratio of 12:1 allows professors and the administration to be easily accessible. Through programs such as Student Senate, the population of SMU can be heard and everyone can make a genuine difference. One thing I have learned in my two years here is that the SMU faculty really cares and takes invested interest in the lives of students. This aspect of SMU has been so crucial for me in getting the most out of my education and student experience. I have felt at home here at SMU and am very grateful for the hard work that SMU puts into making my undergraduate experience as proactive and meaningful as possible.

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