Rain. Snow…. Everything Texas?

By Courtney Steele

Pouring rain in the morning. Snow in the evening. Freezing temperatures for a two o’clock tour. Spirits high, smiling faces and laughing all day long. Springfest 2010 was a success! Saturday we hosted a program for prospective juniors to give them an opportunity to learn all things SMU and about the college process in general! It was an extremely cold day but that didn’t keep any of us from having fun! It was a great time and all of us were thrilled to see how many people showed up (and stayed for the tour).

Hope all is going well! Easter is next weekend? Crazy! Things are busy in Dallas, the weather is fickle but today is supposed to be 72 and sunny….. perfect! Mustang Days start Thursday and we all have our fingers crossed for beautiful weather! (Especially for the cross-campus photo scavenger hunt……that my team will win btw!) We’re really excited to see all of you! Have a great week and weekend y’all! Pony up!

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