The Search Continues as the Opportunity for Adventure Grows

By Lizzie Brubaker

Soooo much has changed in the past three weeks. The Thursday before spring break I found out I got my first official job interview! I was so overwhelmed and excited for the opportunity to go to Savannah, GA. The job interview was Monday! This meant a little detour in scheduled spring break plans. As soon as I landed in Atlanta Sunday afternoon I drove the four hours straight to Savannah. I spent Monday morning at the station, stopped at a famous ice cream shop for lunch, and drove four hours back to Atlanta to finally start vacation! I know what you’re thinking…but you didn’t get to see any of Savannah!! I know, I know. But I’ve done a lot of research so I know that I could probably live there for two years and be happy to explore a different part of the country. The interview went well and I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about the company and others as well.

I spent the rest of my spring break visiting friends in Atlanta, D.C, and New York. It was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone and I even got to relax…a little! School came back in full force last week as I had projects, meetings, and appointments up the wazoo.

I’ve got fifty-two days until graduation and I am making the most of it. This week I am working at my internship, hanging out with awesome accepted students (Mustang Days Holla!), playing co-rec intramural softball, going to a spring concert hosted by a fraternity, and filming a restaurant for a package! I CAN NOT WAIT!

Not only has SMU allowed me to grow academically, but socially, intelectually, athletically, and extracurricularly as well (if that even makes sense!) The faculty and staff allow you and want you to take chances. They want you to take chances outside of the classroom to grow more in your field of study but they also understand how important it is to have fun. You’ve only got four years to have fun, so you better enjoy it while you have it!

While I am looking forward to joining the work force by August 1, I have every intention of taking advantage of every opportunity SMU and the local Dallas community presents to me over the next 52 days.

Think about it. You’ve probably got no more than 70 days left til graduation. What do you still have left to do? Have you made your mark?

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