The Luck of the Irish

By Elizabeth Bandera

This past spring break was amazing! I was finally able to catch up on the sleep I’ve so desperately needed this entire semester…thank heavens. I think I took more naps this spring break than a kindergarten class takes their entire school year! It was wonderful – I got to see all my family and friends and just relax (insert here a sigh of relief).

For the second half of spring break I traveled to Chicago, IL with my SMU Mock Trial team for our Open Regional Championship Tournament…woo! Our first night there we went searching for some true Chicago deep dish pizza and, after contacting friends in the area, found good ol’ Gino’s East of Chicago and ordered two huge deep dish pizzas. After just one slice I wished I had worn sweatpants with an elastic wait band…I felt like I could have rolled back to our hotel.

(Us at Gino’s East of Chicago waiting for our pizza to be ready. Yum!)
From Left: Philip, Candace, Christina, Peter and Ryan.

After we had settled in it was practice time…we had to prepare for our competition and run over all of our objections, witness testimony, etc. Since it was close to St. Patrick’s day, we hoped the luck of the Irish would be on our side for this tournament! We became very good friends with the local Kinko’s as well, printing off large visual aids for trial and the entire 116-ish pg case.

Finally it came time for our tournament to begin! All of the teams at this tournament were well prepared and were fantastic teams for us to compete against. It was interesting to see how each school interpreted the witnesses and evidence for the entire case. I had the fun/awkward opportunity to play a star-gazing geek-of-a-witness, shuffling around the courtroom with my Buzz Light-year pez dispenser and a Scientific American magazine tucked under my arm. Overall our team did very well at this competition!

Saturday night, after our third round of competition (with one round left to go), we went out to eat in Chicago and hopefully catch a glimpse of the river, which they dye green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Before dinner we ran by the dollar general store and bought very garish St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia to wear out to the restaurant. We got some stares, some smiles and the occasional person who was also wearing St. Patrick’s Day stuff, which was fun.

(Us in our St. Patrick’s Day, dollar general store purchases in the lobby of our hotel.)
Back Left: Philip, Michael, Peter, Ryan and Brett our coach. Front Left: Me, Christina, and Candace.

Overall our team did very well at this competition! Our season is now over for the year, but we’re excited for our end of the year banquet as well as what this next year has in store for all of us.
Fall 2010, here we come!

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