Where My Mustangs At?

By Courtney Steele

Mustang Days! This is for y’all that are already admitted to SMU! Yay! Our two sessions of Mustang Days are right around the corner, March 25-26 and April 9-10! These are great opportunities to see everything SMU has to offer, and hang out with us, of course! During these sessions you get to sit in on classes, tour campus literally top to bottom, hang out with tons of current students (aka Peruna Pals, including us!), learn some more about SMU and what happens once you arrive on campus, stay overnight in a residence hall, eat, meet a ton of your future classmates and just have a blast! I think I’m safe to say that this is everyone’s favorite program during the year! We get to hang out with y’all, answer your questions, let you see first hand what brought us to SMU, and of course why we love it and are full of pony pride! So if you haven’t visited campus, or you already have, come join us for Mustang Days!!

The weather is sunny and warm, spirits are high after spring break and we all look forward to seeing you soon! Pony up!

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