Getting on a good foot to do the right thang!

By Nick Cains

I’m back from break and I must say:

I. Am. Tired.

Don’t worry I didn’t do much of anything TOO fun now. I got home and just wanted to sleep. Between naps I did find time to watch the following movies:

1. Mystic River (Heartbreaking)
2. The Hurt Locker (Real)
3. Good Will Hunting (Incredible)
4. Braveheart (ROAR)
5. Requiem for a Dream (Terrifying)
6. Descent (Strange and unsettling)
7. Star Wars: Episode 5 (Surprisingly fun)
8. Star Wars: Episode 6 (Actually very cool)
9. A Serious Man (aaaaaaaaaaah Joel and Ethan Coen doing what they do best- frustrating the audience!)
10. Up In the Air (Surprised me by being a solid, well acted, emotionally charged movie about so many things. I sat there when it was over and just listened to the music. What a great film.)

Don’t worry. I did get some sunlight as well when I went home.

I hit the gym…once, but it inspired me to get out and hit the gym even more. So far I’m going every other day and should do cardio everyday, but we’ll see.


I started filming for my own little side project on Saturday and couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve made the first step to becoming a TV show host getting experience. I went out with a friend and we got some behind the scenes footage of a dance rehearsal for the Meadows @ The Windspear Opera House performance this Saturday.

I mean, I can’t lie, I was nervous about a lot of it and still am. I’ve just undertaken a major direction shift in terms of what I want to be. I’m a theater major, looking to be a TV show host with almost no broadcast journalism experience. Now, the funny thing is, the idea just drives me more. I need experience. I need the journalism class work, I need to get out there and do more episodes, get in front of the camera, and make a ton of mistakes. Because then, instead of feeling sorry for myself for failing, which I do sink into sometimes, I can just press on and do better next time. I can’t wait to jump back in and make this work out. That’s what it will take to get this going as my career.

You all have a wonderful Spring Break! I’ll talk to you next week.

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