Old Roots

By Courtney Steele

Hey y’all! I hope everyone’s semester is going well! Campus is bustling with students talking about their spring break plans and ready for a break! 48 hours away! Spring break also means the time is drawing near for all the seniors, college and high school alike, to choose where they’ll be in the fall!

I went to a tiny little high school in Boulder, Colorado. My graduating class only had 42 students! I was the first student from my high school to attend SMU, but this fall, another Dawson Mustang will be joining me on campus! It’s really exciting to watch how excited she is to attend SMU and remember how excited I was at that point too! I remember talking incessantly about SMU my senior year after my decision was made and word started to get around. I remember talking to this sophomore girl about how excited I was about SMU and she started to take interest in the school. Spring of my freshman year, I got to see her when she came on her campus visit. Then this spring I saw her name on our admitted students list and sent out her congratulatory email! We’ve talked and she’s made her final decision to become a mustang! She’ll be visiting again in a few weeks and I’ll be able to show her more of her new home away from home!

We’re all really excited to see all of you that come to visit this spring! If you come on a daily visit, you’ll see some of us. If you come to Mustang Days, we’ll all be there! Stop us and say hi! We’re amped to show all y’all what SMU has to offer, what it has done for us and start to see who will be in the Southern Methodist University Class of 2014! Have a great few weeks y’all! We’ll be back after spring break! Until then, pony up!

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