Spice Up Your Life!

By Nick Cains

Power to the world! (Spice up your life!)

Every boy and every girl! (Spice up your life!)

People of the world! (Spice up your life!)



I bet you guys didn’t expect this entry to start with a Spice Girls reference,eh?
This week is steadily approaching a close and I can’t be more excited. On Friday afternoon I get to head off to Houston, Texas. I haven’t been home in a long-ish time, so it will be nice seeing my sister and mom again. And most of all… SLEEP! I just want to buy some Chipotle, rent Braveheart, and SLEEP to my heart’s content on Friday night. Maybe order some ridiculously expensive take-out or something just to celebrate my new-found couple days of freedom.

Much Ado About Nothing

The show I’m going to be in just started rehearsals this week. It’s gonna be a fantastic time. Our director, Micheal Connelly, said he wants to make sure everyone in the audience understands this story completely. It’s almost expected now that when you go to see a Shakespeare show, that you won’t be able to understand the dialogue since it was written so long ago; but, even I understand everything going on so far. I play a watchman, who, along with four other watchman, uncovers the secret plot that almost ruins the happiness of everyone in the play. The setting is modern, including people lounging around in pools, listening to ipods, and texting onstage. Talk about modern Shakespeare. The show opens March 28th and should be a delight for everyone to see.

My directing scene goes up tomorrow!

Well, all the hard work pays off tomorrow as we present the scene to my directing class. I’m proud of the work that we’ve constructed so far in the process and I’m confident that we have something definite to show in class. Everyone brings great energy, lots of positive choices, suggestions out the wazoo and I couldn’t be more proud of the work. I hope that tomorrow everyone just has fun onstage. I hope that I remember, no matter what, that I’m just learning. There will be things to work on, there’s always things to work on; but, I have to remember to be proud of what I’ve done and recognize the growth in me. Directing class is my scariest class because I don’t have an immediate affinity for it. But I am trying, and that is admirable.
You all have a wonderful spring break. Always look on the bright side of life =D!

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