Just 4 more days….

By Lauren Cook

I am so busy that I forgot to count down the days till Spring Break…it’s 4 days away! I am so stressed out with this research project I’ve had to do, but I’m finishing it today and turning it into Kinkos to be printed and bound into a portfolio.

For Spring Break, I am taking one of my best friends home with me to Lakeland, FL. We will also be going to the beach, Disney World or Islands of Adventure, and meeting up with some of my friends in Sarasota who also go to SMU! It should be wonderful and relaxing. I’m praying that I won’t have too much homework over the break…after all, I really want to have a break, so it would be nice to not have to worry about all this stuff to do.

Today I’m going to keep it short, so I can get back to working here in the SMU office, but I hope that Spring Break is awesome for everyone! Hopefully, this means that high school students will come visit SMU during their time off :)

Until next time, here is a picture of what I will be experiencing in four very long-awaited days…..


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