Be Responsible.

By Lizzie Brubaker

This past week was much shorter than I would have liked! I am preparing for midterms which begin tomorrow for me but I haven’t had much time to prepare.

Over the winter break, The Gordie Foundation contacted me because they were asked to go give a speech at Pomfret school, my former boarding school. The Gordie Foundation asked me to go speak for them! It was such a huge honor I couldn’t turn them down! So I spent last Wednesday traveling to the small town of Pomfret, CT to give a speech about knowing how and when to call for help after someone has had to much to drink. It was an amazing experience. Not only was I able to catch up with old professors and meet new ones, but I was also treated as an adult in front of an audience of high schoolers. I kept telling my old advisor, “I’m not old enough to give a speech at my former school!” It was an absolute honor to not only be able to teach them but to hear about their own experiences and learn from them.

As we gear up for spring break, Mustangs Who Care is doing a blitz training this week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we have training sessions for all of the students who have gone through TIPS training to become a “Mustang Who Cares.” We hope that this training will not only provide students the necessary skills to know when someone needs help but that they may also put this training to use during spring break in case someone is in need.

As you gear up for spring break remember to stay safe!

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