Spring Break… Studying?

By Natalie Sharp

With Spring Break about a week and a half away, SMU students are desperately trying to get their school work done before the much needed break. It seems like all of our professors have decided to schedule tests, midterms, papers, or projects for this next coming week (the week before Spring Break). For some, this might be a drag because students feel overloaded with work all at once. But, it could be worse. In my case, and a lot of my friends cases, professors not only have scheduled major grades for this coming week BUT ALSO for the week FOLLOWING Spring Break. What a bummer! I have a midterm the Monday we get back from Spring Break and another midterm that Wednesday. Seriously?! So, before students start complaining about all of the work they are having to put in now, before Spring Break, they should reevaluate their luck. The ultimate question to ask is: Will you be enjoying your Spring Break, wherever you may be, OR will you be fretting over studying the entire week? As for myself, it is a good thing that I did not make any crazy plans for my break or else I think I would be cancelling my plans last minute. Lets get one thing straight though, would I love to be with my best friend in Cancun in a week and half instead of being a bookworm at my mom’s house? OF COURSE! But, I know that my education is the most important thing right now and it will all be worth it in the end. To those of you reading this that have Spring Break coming up as well, I hope you enjoy it…whatever you may be doing.

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