Baller. Just Imagine It.

By Courtney Steele

A line of chatty students showing their IDs to get into the big game at Moody tonight as the cool breeze sneaking in through the doors. The student section filled with cheering mustangs. Pony ears lifted high in the air. Chants in support of Coach Doh and his team. Images flashing on the sceen above the shiny floor. A wave of energy flowing through everyone’s system. The shot clock winding down, pull back and put it up….. closer, closer, and in!

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a place where school spirit is plentiful, events are always happening, and everyone loves their school! Come visit! See what SMU’s Pony Pride is all about! Schedule a visit, email us with questions, we’re all here to help you make the final decision!

Hope everyone’s semester is going well! Spring break is fast approaching! Pony up!

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STU UnGrad
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