Ooo La La!

By Nicholas Cains

Hey there everyone!

What an exciting weekend I had! I know you haven’t heard from me for a while, but I’m back with a vengeance! Wait, I didn’t mean vengeance. How about “I’m back and ready to share.” Ha!

That is quite nice.

Of course! =D

Directing Christopher Durang:

I have never considered myself a director until I was thrust into this upper-level theater class. It’s the most challenging class I’ve taken here at SMU because I it’s almost a foreign mind set for me in general. I honestly sometimes feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t understand certain things in class and like everyone else is doing much better than me. This was just negative thinking at its highest peak. I challenge myself to still come to class and ask questions. Look foolish. Feel embarrassed and then persevere through all of that and know that I’m learning something. If you feel too comfy in a class- maybe you aren’t really engaged and maybe its ok to step out on a limb and try a class that scares you a little. Is college about doing the “easy” thing or actually having an experience from day-to-day? =D
I love directing my cast. I have some first years, a sophomore, some juniors, and a grad student in my class and they are all fantastic. The material is filled to the brim with fun and the party has basically just gotten started =D!

A Sorority Formal:

This weekend I attended a fantastic formal because my friend, grace Barlow, invited me to go with her. I had a blast! We ate at a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Bellini’s before heading over and I loved it. The owner of the restaurant had a wonderful pompadour and took pictures of us frequently just because =D. Sweetest man ever!
Then I danced. Oh, how I danced. I enjoyed the entirety of the night! I saw a BUNCH of my friends and despite some interesting song choices by the DJ (we got over it), the dancing went on and on. Fist pumping like a champ I must say. Just like a champ.


My scene goes up today! Wish me all kinds of crazy good times with it because it had been a struggle. Lately, my partner and I have worked on just listening to each other onstage and making sure that we are actually listening. Listening is so vital to acting and yet is the first thing to go when you start working diligently on any piece. I must remember to just breathe into the piece, focus on my partner, and the rest will come.

Have a wonderful week you all!

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