Cupid’s Going to Freeze His Bare Little Patootie Off

By Elizabeth Bandera

Well, you’ve probably seen the weather or at least heard about the crazy bout of coldness and chaos that we’ve had here in Dallas, TX this past week, but if you haven’t…IT SNOWED 12.5 inches HERE! Never in the 20ish years I’ve lived in Texas has it been transformed into a complete winter wonderland like that. To say the least, and this is a gross understatement, we were pretty excited.

(Really excited me, jumping around in the wonderful snow.)

The morning of Thursday February 11th, I was sleeping in because my first class started at 12:30pm – next thing I know, my roommate, Kayli Mickey, is jumping on my bed yelling “Wake up Elizabeth! Wake up! You HAVE to look outside right now!” Groggily, I rolled out of bed and looked out the window…holy cow…this was the best morning ever. I quickly transformed from the irritated person who had just been woken up to something resembling a young child hyped up on large quantities of sugar who’s about to get to ride the merry-go-round. It was astounding – it was snowing so hard outside that if you stood in a single place for too long, you’d be soaked through with all of the lovely little snow crystals.

The best part came when we all found out class had been cancelled on Thursday from 3:00pm on and all day Friday. I stayed in my apartment complex and built a snowman in the courtyard with Kayli, my good friend Ryan Moore, who’s our neighbor, and his dog Bennett (who didn’t really help, but was fun to play with).

(Left: Ryan and me beginning the construction of our snowman. Right: The base of the snowman was a LOT heavier than expected so I tried to help Ryan out…wasn’t too effective.)

We decided it would be an SMU snowman so we gave him an SMU cap and some cool shades. It was hard to break branches off of the nearby trees for arms so one of our snowman’s arms ended up being an American-themed pin wheel.

(Left: Me attempting to pull a, what appeared to be small and unassuming, branch off a nearby tree for the snowman’s arm. Right: Ryan and me with our final creation named Cold-by [instead of Colby])

After a while, we just started to play with Bennett and see if he could catch snowballs that we made. We also tried to make snow angels, which you’d think would be a simple task, but no. While Kayli and I were laying on the ground Bennett kept coming over and trying to hop on us and play with us, which made the task slightly more difficult.

(Kayli and myself trying to make snowangels)

Overall, it was probably the best Valentine’s Weekend ever…I just hope naked little cupid stayed warm!

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