And The Job Search Begins

By Lizzie Brubaker

The job search is officially in full swing. Since mid-January I have been researching companies, scouring the job postings, and mailing more resumes than I care to count. I think I already told y’all this but back in December I had a list of 18–count ’em 18– cities I was interested in living in. I am grateful to say that list has disintegrated to a high five! I am looking in Denver, Dallas, DC, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

My dream job (out of college of course) is to be a video journalist for CNN in Atlanta. The video journalist program offers those with a bachelor degree the opportunity to get hands on experience across the board. A sorority sister that graduate in ’05 became a VJ and now she works on the Assignment Desk! It has been an amazing experience working with her, getting advice from her and many others about the entire process. Cross your fingers for me!

I am fortunate to have my first meeting/interview over Spring break in D.C! I am really looking forward to catching up with friends, seeing some of my favorite monuments, and of course getting some experience with interviews. I’ve interviewed for internships before and even summer jobs, but never for a first job out of college, or even with the head of a company at that! I’m definitely nervous but I am confident I have skills and characteristics that will fit their company well. I’ve been working on my Web site ( like a mad woman trying to perfect it and display some of my best work. Since I don’t want to be in front of the camera, my Web site has become my “reel” of work of sorts.

The career center has undoubtedly been one of the best assets to me over my four years at SMU. During my first year I visited the career center simply to figure out a major! They have different personality tests that help match you with a major or a career that fits you. Over the past year I have been working with Jessica Lewis who has been so incredibly helpful and supportive through the entire process. Not only has she helped me to perfect my resume but she has also helped me to create a LinkeIn page-two things that will guide you through your career path!

Put the career center on your list of things to check out when you get to campus!

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