Winter Wonderland

By Natalie Sharp

For those of you wondering what the weather is like in Dallas, here is just a glimpse. One day it could be sunny with a high in the seventies and the next day it might be cold and rainy. Take this past week for example. We had highs in the fifties and lows in the thirties, which also included a snow storm that made its way to Dallas, Texas. The snow storm was so rare for Dallas, with a record twelve inches of snow, that SMU cancelled classes on Friday! Students glorified their day off in the snow by having a massive snow ball fight in front of Dallas Hall. Around campus there were many snowmen being built and some students even built snow forts which were really cool. One student even created a snow “throne.” For video footage of all of this, click here. All in all, the weather in Dallas is so unpredictable, that it is silly to even put away seasonal clothes. One day you might be wearing a sundress, the next day you might need your winter jacket, and the next day you might need a parka and rain boots. In Dallas, the possibilities are endless! (No pun intended).

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