Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Birthdays, you name it!

By Lauren Cook

I had a very good Valentine’s weekend. Saturday I worked all day (9am-5:30pm) on homework and got most of it done so I could spend all day Sunday with my boyfriend! It was great. We actually decided not to be as cliche and celebrated the Chinese New Year instead! Did you know that it was the same day as Valentine’s Day this year? I didn’t! It was really cool. We went to downtown Dallas to the Crow Chinese Art Museum and went to the Chinese New Year Exhibit where they had special food to represent different Chinese values such as family, many sons, prosperity, etc. This year is the year of the Tiger. Very unique!

My birthday is this Friday and I am super excited! My friends and I are going to go play laser tag and possibly go-kart. It should be great. Also, my test on Friday in my Strategic Communications class was cancelled! What a great birthday present :)

Until next time, here are two pictures of the fascinating Crow Art Museum downtown….



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