Men’s Basketball Victories

By Natalie Sharp

This Wednesday, the SMU Men’s Basketball team takes on UTEP in our very own Moody Coliseum. The game is sure to be an exciting one since Coach Matt Doherty and our players have brought their fans wins during the last four home games! Attending SMU basketball games are one of my favorite things to do on campus and the student section is a lot of fun. Students get reserved courtside seats which are right behind our players bench. Students are able to see close-up what really happens on the bench. The student section also gets really rowdy with students cheering on our Mustangs and also, the occasional slur at the referee for making an absolute horrible call. (That’s always fun, too). After this Wednesday’s game against UTEP, we only have three remaining games at home. With the season coming to an end, students are likely to show their support in attendance. All students are able to gain free admission to any SMU Athletic Event, including basketball, so ticket prices are not an excuse to not show up to the games. Hopefully, our boys will be able to pull off another victory at home! To see pictures of Moody Coliseum, click here: Go Mustangs!

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