Class Assignment – Superbowl Sunday


By Courtney Steele

Fun fact of the week: did you know that around 7% of the viewers of the Superbowl watch solely for the commercials? Well, now you do! Think about it! Who watches anything only for the commercials? What other event brings in those kinds of numbers in favor of the advertisers? Only the Superbowl.

For my Ad Literacy class we had a very grueling and long project to complete this past weekend. What was that project? Watch the Superbowl commercials and blog about them after, of course! So to complete this task, I went over to my friend’s apartment where we made dinner and cupcakes, read for various classes, analyzed the commercials, and, oh, watched a little of the game too! What were the findings after an eventful evening? Jambalaya is good, funfetti cupcakes are amazing, reading during the Superbowl is probably a little too much multi-tasking (but, it worked!), the game was pretty good, and the commercials were terrible. Yep. Sunday in a nutshell! I think that I may be starting to like school projects!

Hope y’all are having a good week! Until next time, Pony Up!

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