X Marks the Spot

By Derek K. Hubbard

Wow! What a week it has been! Well guys, I am still on my “more or less” kick for the year. As a result, I recently purchased a Group X pass from the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports (fancy name for GYM). With the Group X pass, I can take different group fitness courses at the Dedman Center.

My first class of Group X was cardio kickboxing. It sounds easy, right? Absolutely not! The class is an entire hour, and it works the entire body. I thought we would be hitting punching bags and things of that nature. I was wrong. We started out by doing stretches which let me know how not flexible that I am. Next, we started to do a boxer shuffle and jumping and boxing jacks. Mind you, the instructors favorite thing to say is “jack it out!” No me gusta! The workout then immediately becomes intense. We learned how to do punches such as the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Don’t be fooled and only think that we work upper body. The lower body also gets a great workout. We learned how to do roundhouse kicks and kicks to the front and the back. I’m sure they have a name for them, however, I don’t know what it is. All in all, cardio kickboxing offers a great workout in a fun environment.

I say all of this to say that the Dedman Center is a great place to workout as well as hangout. There is shuffleboard, pool tables, and X box machines if you aren’t in the mood to hit the weights! Group X really allows one to personalize their workout and fitness program. If you are ever on campus, please try the Dedman Center and take a Group X class. I promise you won’t regret it….well, your body might.

Pony Up,


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