Nap, Anyone?

By Nicholas Cains

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful weekend it was. Hectic, but still filled with tons of good ways to meet new friends.

As I move into this new week there are two projects that I’m about to get into.

First Scene Presentation for Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

In my acting class I’m actually starting brand new scene work, which is exciting in itself. I have never had the pleasure of tackling material as different and evocative as this, but I am very excited to do so. I play Estragon, a vagabond who is stuck in this large expanse, waiting eternally for a person that has not turned up yet. The language is ambiguous but still real at the same time. The hardest part about the entire process is actually making the character human to me. He can’t just be a big philosophical question on a page because I can’t play that. He feels lonely. His feet hurt. He only has one friend, named Vladimir, who is basically his only source of human interaction in their mundane lives. It’s going to be a struggle, finding a way to break into the scene, but I’m ready for it.

Is SMU in a Demographic rut?

I’m also writing a story on SMU for my Reporting I class about the demographic issue at SMU. It’s not a secret that SMU has a large Caucasian American population. I want to know is SMU doing anything to change the statistic? If so, are these efforts helping? How do people on campus feel about it? These are the questions I’ll be asking and more when I write this story. I’m excited to get down into the nitty gritty.

Either way, this week shall be hectic and I can’t wait to get started. I still have to find a directing scene, memorize Beckett, take a nap, and start my research portfolio. This is gonna be great!

Have a wonderful week you guys!

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