Welcome to the Cox School of Business

By Greg Nelson

This past semester I was admitted into the Cox School of Business, something I had been working towards for my first three semesters on campus. It was a great feeling when I found out I got in. This week was the business school orientation. Though it was not the most thrilling event I have ever attended, it was important to go to. I learned about MustangTrak, which is a website to get in contact with local companies that have position openings. Here I can also post my resume and schedule interviews. I was also told about my opportunities through BBA career advising, study abroad, DSP (business fraternity) and much more. I have already started some of my business classes this semester, and I am excited to take more. I finally understand what my parents meant when they said I would enjoy school, because now I am only taking courses that I am interested in. The Cox School of Business has a great name and reputation in the Dallas/Fort Worth community and beyond and I am excited to use their resources to help start my career outside of SMU! You can find out more about The Cox School of Business here.

Go Mustangs!

About Nelson, Randall Gregory

I am from Cleveland, OH and in my third year at SMU. I am studying Finance and Economics and hope to work in sports after I graduate. At SMU, I currently work in the admissions office and serve as the President for our campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
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