Racers, Start Your Engines!

By Derek Hubbard

Things are moving full force here at SMU. I have already spent a weekend away on a Student Foundation Retreat, handed in a writing assignment, and attended several meetings. And it is only Tuesday!!! Being away on break for almost a month made me forget what it feels like to be a college student. But fret not because I have quickly remembered what it feels like. The endless days of studying in the library, going to sporting events with friends, and hanging out in the Dallas Hall quad have begun yet again. To be honest, I am perfectly happy with all of this. I am the type of person that enjoys keeping busy. I am most productive when I have things to accomplish. Here at SMU, there are a ton of things for a student to accomplish. With countless numbers of student organizations, everyone can find there niche here. From the chess club to Program Council, students are eagerly becoming involved with so many different areas of campus life. The main reason for going to college is to get an education and eventually get a job. At the same time, the student experience outside of the classroom is equally important. Thankfully, SMU is a great place for students to learn a ton outside of the classroom. I encourage all students to jump right into the university and become involved. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Until next time…Pony UP!

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