By Courtney Steele

The hustle and bustle of students with bags full of books making their way up and down the boulevard in the early morning cool… Large groups, led by one guide, scurrying to all the campus highlights with their eyes wide open on their tour… Brightly colored frisbees flying over the green lawn in front of Dallas Hall in the late afternoon sun… A pair, sitting on a bench, books open in the mid day warmth, talking and lauging with the sound of the Meadows fountain water flowing as a backdrop… A group of clean cut fraternity pledges, dressed in shirt and tie, migrating to serenade in sorority park…

These are some of the moments, only a snapshot of a few, that make SMU so incredible and unique. So close your eyes, take a minute, take it in, imagine it.

If you haven’t already, visit campus! Come experience these moments, the sounds, the colors, the energy for yourself!

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STU UnGrad
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