When one door closes another opens

By Lizzie Brubaker

We’ve been back at school for less than a week and I already can’t believe the number of opportunities presented to me! I got an amazing opportunity right before break to intern at the local CW station. I am working directly with the 9 pm newcast producer. I work Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 pm-10 pm but I absolutely love it! My second day on the job I got the opportunity to find video and write a story that was shown on the newscast that night. It is going to be an amazing semester!

After the first week I was glad to enjoy a rainy Saturday at home. I got a call from one of my old CCPA professors asking me how my week looked. Rita Kirk (my old professor) does research on dial testing. Last year I traveled with her to Ohio to dial test a focus group watching the VP Debate. CNN called her last week and asked us to dial test the State of the Union address Wednesday night! What does this mean? I’m headed to Ohio tomorrow afternoon! I’m looking forward to catching up with old CNN friends and getting some more experience under my belt. We get back Thursday morning to prepare for Friday night’s gubernatorial debate in Dallas. We are dial testing a focus group for that debate as well! It is sure to be a full weekend.

These are only some of the opportunities I have gotten outisde of school. My next blog I’ll be sure to tell you all about the amazing things I’m doing on campus during my last semseter here.

I hope you start the semester off strong!

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